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Re: FESCo Meeting Summary - 2009-03-06

2009/3/6 Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com>
David Nielsen (gnomeuser gmail com) said:
> I did not see this one the action list for this meeting, nor was I even
> invited to argue the case for this.

The feature wrangler requested that FESCo issue a decision on it.

>  I would at least have liked to know that
> my proposal was going on the chopping block before you discard it so I could
> see what to improve for a F12 proposal.

See the IRC log.

So I am to convince the maintainer of the project it is replacing (and who was as I recall the only Desktop SIG member to even give his opinion on the matter) and magically make it written using !Mono. That is certainly helpful in showing why this will never happen. I am though most worried about one reason given being that RHEL does not ship Mono, if RHEL wants to ship Rhythmbox that is their decision but what Fedora ships should not be. What else are we going to be dictated from above.. who else should bother to make proposals for what they preceive to be improvements?

I shall happily retract the proposal, I will not be reproposing for F12 as it is pointless to continue, I would be unable to fulfill the requirements setup by FESco.

I thank FESco for their consideration and decision, it will be most helpful in considering the future direction of my work with Fedora..


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