Please fix your bugs in release instead of rawhide!

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Tue Mar 10 02:18:42 UTC 2009

A note to all Fedora maintainers and especially to the Red Hat people
who are involved in development every day:

           Please fix your bugs [1] in the release they were
         filed against instead of just closing them NEXTRELASE!

I know it sounds slinky to just close everything NEXTRELEASE and I know
I sucks to get reports of bugs you've already fixed. But in 99% of all
cases it shouldn't be to hard to get the fix also into the stable

Telling people to upgrade to the rawhide version is _not_an_option_ if
it pulls in another 996 package plus the latest untested development
kernel and 8 unresolved deps.

Thanks for your understanding.

[1] I'm talking about bugs, not about enhancements.

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