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Re: Please fix your bugs in release instead of rawhide!

2009/3/10 Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Christoph Wickert wrote:
>> A note to all Fedora maintainers and especially to the Red Hat people
>> who are involved in development every day:
>>           Please fix your bugs [1] in the release they were
>>         filed against instead of just closing them NEXTRELASE!
> Doesn't that depend on how serious the bugs are? Sometimes upstream has gone
> way ahead, changed their configuration format etc and backporting the fix or
> just pushing the update with all the other changes is too invasive.

The issue highlighted by Christoph is very important and needs
attention. There are cases where back porting may be putting in too
much effort. But that case is exception (I guess rare and for few
packages) and best judge would be package maintainer.

But for usual cases it is better to fix the bugs for the release they
have been made against, rather then just fixing it for rawhide and
marking it nextrelease. At least putting your best effort.

> Rahul
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Rakesh Pandit

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