PLEASE READ: provenpackager reseed

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Tue Mar 10 11:35:54 UTC 2009

On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 10:49:26AM +0100, Stepan Kasal wrote:
>a) I'd like to self-nominate myself as a Fedora Packager Sponsor.
>b) I'd like to become member of provenpackager group.
>The application under b) is redundant, unless the processing of b)
>takes significantly less time than the processing of a).
>> 1) The user makes their desire to be a member of provenpackager known
>> to FESCo (they can do this in really any way - mailing list, IRC, file
>> a ticket, etc)
>What list, what IRC, where to file the ticket?
>All I found was an information on wiki that sponsors nominations can
>be sent to fedora-devel-list.  (Allegedly, one can also send mail to
>FESCo, but I were not able to find out the address.)

The address is fedora-extras-steering <at>

There is a FESCo trac instance with tickets at:


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