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Re: Password Reset

On Mo März 9 2009, Mike McGrath wrote:
> So the password reset generally went off without a hitch but a lot of
> people forgot to reset their password or just plain didn't and I'm
> wondering if it's because of where I sent the notifications to so I
> thought I'd ask.  Would you generally like password reset requests to go
> to:
> username fedoraproject org (the alias that directs to your email addr)
> the email address we have listed
> or both?

Please send it only once, I do not care to which address. But here are some 
suggestions for improvement:

1) Please use a consistent subject for these mails:

February: Fedora Project Password Reset Request
December(1): FAS Password Change Request
December(2): FAS Password

2) The mail from 2009-02-09 only said, that the password will expire. It was 
not mentioned that also further action will occur, e.g. afaik the contents of 
fedorapeople.org where moved. E.g. I only changed my password because I had to 
submit a security update, but otherwise I would not have cared for an expired 
password, because of little available time for Fedora work right now. 
Nevertheless I would have cared about moved fedorapeople.org contents or 
missing CVS notifications.

3) A two week deadline is imho too short. It may be especially bad if the 
fedorapeople.org contents are really moved and someone who is on vacation 
hosts a shared SCM there or other contents of wide interest.


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