F10 Fresh Vanilla Install with Updates Has Broken NetworkManager

Jud Craft craftjml at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 04:56:37 UTC 2009

What it says on the tin.  Enabled the updates-repo during F10 install.

Boot.log at the very first boot:

Starting NetworkManager daemon: NetworkManager: error while loading
shared libraries: libudev.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No
such file or directory

Being without NetworkManager, it's rather difficult to ...use yum to
fix NetworkManager.

A google for "NetworkManager libudev.so.0" or "NetworkManager
libudev.so.0 fedora" reveals nothing interesting, so perhaps no one
has noticed this.  This is my second install with updates-enabled.  My
first used KDE, and had no NetworkManager at first boot.  Thinking
selecting KDE broke something for the install, I tried a vanilla GNOME
Fedora setup for the second install, with updates.  Then I noticed
this message on boot.

Alright, off to bed.

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