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Adding a new group to the desktop menu: Fedora Studio?

I have been using audio creation software to compose and mix my tracks
in Fedora for while now. Believe it or not, we have a wide range of
applications and libraries dedicated to audio production. See the
AudioCreation wiki page [1] for a list of our applications (however,
this list is not complete, so if you own such an application or
library, feel free to add it to our list).

A while ago, it occurred to me that the audio production applications
go into the Multimedia group in the desktop menu, mixing up with
audio/video players (we also have a wide range of such applications),
and making this group rather cluttered. But the audio production
programs have a unique target audience, and their nature is really
different from the audio/video players. I am thinking of listing these
programs under a different group in the desktop menu, which will make
the Multimedia group look sane and make both type of applications more

What is the procedure of doing this? As far as I can tell, whenever a
.desktop file contains the "AudioVideo" category, that applications
goes to the Multimedia group. But where is this actually done? What
application looks at the .desktop files and sorts them according to
their categories?

And how can we add a new group to the desktop menu? Possible
suggestions for the name of such a group are:
- Audio Creation
- Compose and Mix
- Studio
- ...?

We will need to work out the existing desktop applications and add a
new category to their .desktop files so they will fall under this
newly created group in the menu. We can use some of these categories
for this purpose:
- Midi
- Sequencer
- Tuner
- AudioVideoEditing
- X-Studio
- X-...?

Finally, is it too late to propose this for F-11?


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/AudioCreation

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