rawhide report: 20090528 changes

Kjartan Maraas kmaraas at broadpark.no
Sun May 31 15:47:54 UTC 2009

fr., 29.05.2009 kl. 09.11 -0700, skrev Adam Williamson:
> This mostly relates to bug 502077, filed on May 21st (so quite late in
> cycle). Intel i865 cards were experiencing random hangs with kernel
> modesetting enabled (which was the default). There was a single
> unconfirmed report of the same issue affect i845, and another single
> unconfirmed report for i855.

I just tried the latest kernel now and was rewarded with a hang during

I've filed a bug earlier about hangs with more information here:

This all started around the time KMS was introduced, and the only way
I've found to have a working system is to pass maxcpus=1 to the boot
command line. The latest kernel even hung with this passed to it.


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