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Re: FESCo Meeting Summary for 20090424

David Woodhouse (dwmw2 infradead org) said: 
> There were a number of individual reports of regressions, but it wasn't
> until quite late in the day that we realised just how bad the new mixer
> was, and that something really had to be done to restore the lost
> functionality.

OK, there were regressions, but we didn't see until too late...

> There seemed to be a policy of closing bugs WONTFIX and telling people
> that their use case, which used to work in F-10 and now doesn't, is not
> appropriate for Fedora. That seems to include my own report of "I want
> to be able to turn my volume up past 80%", as far as I can tell.

... because of how The Evil They handled the bugs ...

> That approach to bugs managed to hide the problem for a little while,
> which meant that we (FESCo) didn't back out the feature in good time and
> just revert to the old mixer, as we probably should have done.

... which hid the issues during the proper time to handle it.

Too bad the WONTFIX bug that prompted your screed (and frankly, I agree with
the WONTFIX in this case) wasn't filed until AFTER THE FINAL DEVEL FREEZE.

Hey, if you didn't have time to test, that's OK. Not everyone does.
But when we're trying to figure out real issues, Rumsfeldian pseudo-analysis
based on *KNOWN* inaccuracies doesn't help.


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