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I wanted to open a discussion for F12 about running services on shell accounts.

I would like to run restorecond as a user service rather then as system service. I want to run it under the Users UID and under with the users context.

Then I can have it watch for creation of files in the users home directory and be the equivalent of running restorecon ~/ by the user.

Currently I can do this with the system service restorecond, but that is running as root and has to be able to relabel everything.

I want to use something like DBUS so I have only one restorecond running for each user no matter how many times the user logs in.

I built a dbus service and everything works fine. Except that I want this to work on a server when I ssh to a machine. Or if I log in via the console terminal. In those cases I do not have a dbus session so I am out of luck.

I could have restorecond started via /etc/profile.d but I would need to do something for csh and bash, and I could end up with multiple restorecond under the same UID. I could build into restorecond some kind of locking to prevent this, but the dbus solution eliminates me from having to do some potentially buggy code.

I doubt I am the only one who wants to run sessions on login for terminal users. Any thoughts on running a dbus session for a terminal session?

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