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Re: Moblin 2 and Fedora

2009/5/3 Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com>:
> On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 8:08 AM, Matthew Garrett <mjg redhat com> wrote:
>> There's absolutely nothing wrong with any of this, but right now it's
>> kind of hard to see how moblin is anyone other than Fedora with changes.
>> I don't think that puts Intel under any sort of obligation to feed
>> changes back to us and I agree that Koji isn't ideally suited to
>> producing the kind of derivative that Intel want to, but it would be
>> nice to acknowledge the amount of the project that's built on the work
>> of Fedora contributors.
> There is more than a touch of irony here, as in the past Fedora
> packagers have been on occasion have ruffled feathers of 3rd party by
> using 3rd party specfiles as a starting point for a package view for
> inclusion into Fedora.  We certainly aren't in a position to demand
> any sort of official recognition.  But at the same time we aren't
> restrained from point out that our process is influential.
> I guess ideally I'd like to see it work like how rock bands influence
> each other.  To be an influential rock band, that inherently means
> that other bands come up behind you and take your style of doing
> things along with pieces of other bands that have influenced them and
> make something new.  The more influential a rock band you are, the
> more rock bands you influence. Doesn't mean you were packing football
> stadiums with fans..it means the other artists and the potential
> artists..the creators of value..were directly impacted by your work
> and incorporated it into their own.  And of course those newer rock
> bands don't spend all that much time making it a point that they were
> influenced by other bands. Sure if they are directly asked in an
> interview they'll gladly talk about it..but in general they don't
> spend 15 minutes in their shows stepping through their evolution as
> artists.  The fans that care can hear the influences in the new band's
> music.  The question is, can moblin contributors hear/feel/smell/taste
> the influence from Fedora in the work moblin is doing?
> -jef"So basically what I'm saying is.... maybe Fedora is open source's
> The Ramones... and moblin is headed towards being U2 or maybe
> Greenday."Spaleta

The influences analogy is not one I would have chosen. U2 don't play
"Sheena is a punk rocker" at their gigs (with a few different chords
(patches)) and pretend it is theirs.

Its not quite Oracle Unbreakable though, which is nice.

I think really what has been identified are two things that Fedora
would like to see.

1. Patches
2. Attribution

With reference to 1, Arjan has stated that some are so Moblin specific
there is little point trying to upstream them. This happens in Fedora
too. Some patches are so Fedora-specific that there is no point trying
to get them applied. What I think people are saying is that Moblin
could be doing more. Perhaps both Fedora and Moblin could consider
splitting out patches into two categories:


Those that start fedora- are stated as "There is never any intention
to get this stuff upstream as it won't benefit anybody, its stuff that
$PROJECT requires but no-one else". Then have some simple
justification in the spec file.

With reference to 2, I believe it simply courteous of projects
downstream to mention those on whose shoulders they stand in whatever
manner they deem fit.


Christopher Brown

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