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Re: OpenOffice 3.1

Rodd Clarkson wrote:
I can't account for your time use, and I understand that upgrading takes
time, especially when you maintain a number of machines.

As for your work laptop running f10 and not having time to upgrade to
f11, but want OOo3.1, let me give you and opposing argument.

My wife doesn't want to update her laptop every 6 months (I do) and she
gets really annoyed when the applications she uses change mid release
and she has to change with them.  She doesn't have the time to re-learn
an application and just want's to work in an consistent and expected
way.  She does however appreciate that her laptop is (relatively)
up-to-date and doesn't mind upgrading every 12 months (or so).

Should she have to have take the time to relearn applications because
you haven't got the time to upgrade?  More importantly, from her
perspective she doesn't give a damn if there are changes to things like
"new hash algorithm in RPM, ext4 by default etc" and doesn't even
realize that she uses these things.  She does however use OOo, Firefox,
Evolution and other applications and she does notice when they chance
and she doesn't like it changing all the time (and especially
Ho-ho!!! I have exactly same situation: My wife always disagree with my updates and experiments. All what she need - "It warks, please do not touch it". And, I can say confidently - all questions was gone when I leave her notebook! For few times when I use it I install second, fully independent copy of new release Fedora 11 from alpha, and leave Fodora 8 unchanged. All happy.

And please, keep in mind - she have not any matter - will pushed OO 3.1 to Fedora 9 or not if she is not planed update it at all!!! I think with you wire situation is exactly the same.

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