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Re: Sound doesn't work, again!

On 5/17/2009 1:22 AM, Alexander Boström wrote:
> David skrev:
>> Might I suggest that you install a release version of Fedora. I would
>> suggest Fedora 10 as Fedora 9 will EOL in a little over a month?
> We (the community) want people to test pre-releases and rawhide and to
> file bugs. There's certainly no community benefit to anyone downgrading
> to a release.
> But yes, fedora-test is probably a better list to post to.

I agree with the testing 100%. However he said that this was a
necessary, production, machine.


"  Who should use Rawhide?

No-one should use Rawhide as their main day-to-day workstation. As
Rawhide is a development branch, many changes are not heavily tested (or
tested at all) before being released to Rawhide, and packages in Rawhide
can and do break without warning. It is even possible that bugs in
Rawhide could cause data loss. However, testing Rawhide is a very
valuable activity which helps to direct Fedora development and ensure
the quality of stable releases is high. It's also a fun way to try out
the latest software almost as soon as it comes out. If you have a spare
system, or are willing to install Rawhide to spare space on an existing
system and dual boot, or use a virtual machine, testing Rawhide is a
great way to contribute to Fedora development."

But many still do.


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