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Re: Sound doesn't work, again!

On 5/17/2009 12:44 PM, Alexander Boström wrote:
> David skrev:
>> User's choice. If it breaks the user gets to keep the pieces.
> Yes.
> And when it does break and when the user writes a thorough useful bug
> report(*), then we thank them for it and encourage them to continue
> doing so. Especially when it's only a couple of weeks until the next
> release.
> /abo
> *) I haven't actually looked at the linked bug reports, so I can't judge
> the quality of those.

Okay I'll try again.

I am happy that the OP is using Fedora and has for a long time. I am
happy that he is testing / trying the Rawhide that will be Fedora 11. I
am sorry that he has this problem. Itis good that he reported it and
posted it to bugzilla. Okay?

But I wish, for his sake, that he was not having this problem on his
production machine because *I still think Rawhide on a critical, must
have machine is not a good idea.*

Users should run Rawhide on non critical machines like the instructions
/ suggestions plainly say. Or have a duel boot such as I do.

Have a great day.



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