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Re: OpenOffice 3.1

On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 15:21 +0200, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Rodd Clarkson wrote:
> > Should she have to have take the time to relearn applications because
> > you haven't got the time to upgrade?  More importantly, from her
> > perspective she doesn't give a damn if there are changes to things like
> > "new hash algorithm in RPM, ext4 by default etc" and doesn't even
> > realize that she uses these things.  She does however use OOo, Firefox,
> > Evolution and other applications and she does notice when they chance
> > and she doesn't like it changing all the time (and especially
> > mid-release).
> Well, there are distributions (like the one starting with a 'U') with such a
> policy. Nobody is forcing her to use Fedora (except maybe you ;-) ).

See, this is the problem with this line of thinking (and I didn't start
this, I'm just trying to point out there are other view points.)

Someone_1 says that Fedora should 'Do_This_1'
Someone_2 else says that Fedora should 'Do_The_Opposite'
Someone_1 says that Someone_2 should use Not_Fedora.
Someone_2 could say to Someone_1 right back at you.

Except in this case, Someone_2 was just pointing out that there are more
view points (than one) about how Fedora should work, that the Fedora
Community is broad and has many view points and that sometimes being
part of a community is just excepting that things don't always go your
way (most of this was implied ;-]).

Seriously, if Fedora ran my way, it would work perfectly on hardware I
wanted to run, (sorry everyone not using my choice of hardware), it
would run the software I wanted (without all the bloat that comes with
having to satisfy anyone elses needs), and when I had to (inconceivably)
file a bugzilla, it would be addressed immediately without any delay,
without thousands of the brightest minds working without sleep until it
was solved.  Oh, and it would be called Mydora (not Yourdora) and I
would be happy.

Anyhow, enjoy Yourdora! ;-]


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