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Re: I must be doing something seriously wrong...

Bill Nottingham wrote:

> Kevin Kofler (kevin kofler chello at) said:
>> But not the affected user base if you remove useful apps like geography
>> learning apps because they show Taiwan as a country complete with flag.
>> (And yes, at least one such app exists.)
> Well, then, if nothing else, you're giving lie to the idea that
> including the flags is a 'neutral' proposition, if your reasoning
> is that you want to include it specifically to recognize a country.

If you draw Taiwan as part of China in the geography app, it's also not
neutral. There's no way to be neutral and still teach geography.

>> But what about the many distros which do not do these changes? Kubuntu
>> ships the Taiwanese flag, see:
>> Yet they even have a .org.cn site: http://www.kubuntu.org.cn/ which
>> appears to be hosted inside mainland China.
> And other distributions ship patented code that we do not, or trademarked
> images that we do not... that doesn't generally change Fedora's stance
> on such items.

Yet it proves that the argument that anything containing that flag
supposedly cannot be distributed in China is moot.

> Perhaps such packages should be re-engineered so they aren't wasting
> space by including lots of translations for programs that may not be
> installed if you just want the base translations. :)

Most of the translations are for programs which *are* installed.
Translations for stuff like extragear applications or KOffice are *not*
part of kde-l10n. (For extragear apps, they're shipped with the respective
apps, for KOffice, there are separate language packs.) kde-l10n is just for
the core KDE 4 modules. I don't think trimming out the translations for the
apps we don't install by default would do anything to solve the problem. We
could ship at most half the apps if we tried to ship all the translations,
and that's already an optimistic estimate.

I see localized spins as the only viable solution for fully-featured
CD-sized spins.

        Kevin Kofler

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