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Long term Flags handling suggestion


I don't want to start another flame, but I thought that the proper way
to handle flags - if we want to make them optional and not to ban them
completely - would be to provide them via icon themes. They are
mentioned in the icon-naming-specs [1].

Why long term solution? Because there are zillion country and other
flags in the world and no icon theme I know of includes more than 3

The basic idea behind this is that flag is an icon as well and as such
should follow user selected icon theme's style. There's no point it 10
applications shipping their own sets of flags which each look different.
Plus, having an icon theme -flags subpackages which would each Provide:
icons-flags would make the installation for end user easier.

Anyway, just my 2 cents, I don't understand the legal reasoning behind
this guideline so my suggestion might be wrong as well... 


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