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Re: List of packages including country flags

2009/5/25 Björn Persson :
> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>> A two year old (through kindergartener or first grader) is certainly
>> capable of choosing a symbol that they've been taught to use from a
>> table of other symbols.  The real question is whether there's a time in
>> a child's development when they can pick out an image that gets them
>> into a program but can't pick out a two letter abbreviation to do the same.
> It's not really about getting into the program but rather configuring the
> program. Gcompris uses the locale from the environment by default, like all
> well-behaved programs do, but you can go to the configuration screen and
> choose another locale if you want to. Then you need to exit Gcompris and
> start it again before the change takes effect on the whole program, so I
> doubt that the intention is that children should choose their locale every
> time they start Gcompris.
> I haven't quite figured out why the developers felt a need to have a separate
> locale setting just for Gcompris, but in those cases where it's needed I
> think a parent or teacher will configure the program and then tell the
> children not to touch the settings.

Remember this is a learning software.

You can have your system configured for french and let your child both
play sometimes in french and otherwise learn english with GCompris.


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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