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Re: List of packages including country flags

Johan Cwiklinski (mailings x-tnd be) said: 
> Considering this, I'm not sure simply removing flags for gcompris is the
> thing to do.
> Any thoughts ?

It's the right thing from a UI standpoint. That dialog is horrible.

Here's an example, when started in es_MX.UTF-8:


1) I started it in the locale of the largest Spanish-speaking population
on the globe. So I get a (broken) flag image for an entirely different

2) Say I'm a child who can't read the language but is supposed to pick
the language via flag. Not only is it not using a flag that I'd recognize
in my locale, how am I even supposed to know that it's a language
configuration area? There's no other information other than a name of the
language (or 'your system default', which also isn't going to make
a lot of sense to most kids)

3) There's also entries there to change the timing of the game, the skin,
whether to have music or sound effects, etc. None of these have iconographic
representations to make them usable by the pre-literate set. 

So yes, long term, the flags should be removed. Ideally, upstream would
be convinced to do it.


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