Make Fedora 11 use vx800 chipset correctly

Kristaps Viesalgs kristapsvecgr at
Thu May 28 11:18:56 UTC 2009


Here is my problem: I am trying to Fedora LIVE USB boot properly X on
vx800 chipset/Chrome9 integrated GPU on VED8900 netbook (VIA OpenBook
reference design). Default driver \"openchrome\" because of
unsupported vx800 can\'t do that. Only some snv version of this driver
can boot X correctly. But it is only one part of prolem: using boot
option video=vesafb vga=791, mouse cursor goes invisible. Is there any
brutal option how to properly boot X with vesa driver, install Fedora,
then make openchrome svn installation? Is Fedora planning to make for
VIA graphic chipset autoconfiguration utility? It would be very very


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