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Re: Plans for tomorrow's (20090529) FESCo meeting

On Thu May 28 2009, Jon Stanley wrote:
> Well, I have nothing on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting at this
> point.  Thus, the entire meeting taking place at 17:00UTC in
> #fedora-meeting will be an open floor, unless someone comes up with
> something to discuss between now and then :).

There is a proposed Feature that connot be completed because kernel module 
packages are prohibited in Fedora:

The Feature Wrangler told me, that the current feature process[0] cannot 
handle this situation, because feature pages hang around until they are 
excepted. But I guess that infiltrating FESCo to get kernel module packages 
back into Fedora is not was is expected to finish the feature. ;-)

So if only FESCo can adjust the feature process, please update it to include 
the case of unfinishable features.


[0] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Policy/Process

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