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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

> Where do you anything about "family values and moralities" in Fedora's mission statement? I see statements about software being free to use,

that's why I said us [in ojuba.org] as I'm member of both fedora and ojuba

but fedora shouln't make it difficult for us by design, it should give
us the choice.

> That said, if there are clearly identifiable class of programs that may
> be deemed offensive by a large set of people (and *not* governments),
> then it would be sensible to mark them so that people can consciously
> and *individually* decide to (not) install/remove them or use spins that
> explicitly exclude/include them.

exactly, I did not ask fedora to remove or ban those things, I asked
them to make it easy for us to choose

I wrote a proposal

please help me make the proposal better before submitting it to

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