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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

> If you're going to maintain a spin for a like-minded community (like
ojuba.org is)

have you took a look to the proposal ? <
where does it mention anything about the alike-minded community of
fanatic government censorship agents in ojuba.org ?

our spin in ojuba.org is a fedora based linux distribution, slightly
modified to include patches which are essential for our users but
those patches where not accepted by the upstream and/or fedora
and there are no other functional alternative for that patch
(for example the bidi support in wine), we don't work for any
government nor do we like to impose family values on fedora.

we already have modified packages like -logos and -release-notes
..etc. just as required by fedora trademark guidelines
and we have no problem adding exclude to .repo files

but give us a technical way to identify what does each package contain.

please read the proposal before you offend us again.

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