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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

> I don't think you can just flag Packages as inappropriate because everyone
> has his own definition for that term. If you really want to make this work
> you'll have to create specific classifications like "nudity" or "violence"
> so people can make informed decisions. People might be ok with violent
> content but not nudity. When I see a Package marked only as "inappropriate"
> that doesn't help me to tell whether *I* would find that inappropriate or
> not.

we can use "might be" just like "be polite someone's grandma could be here"
and we can list when and why and to whom

in the proposal I used the classification used by the upstream if any
and I guess all of packages will fall under this.
if the upstream says that his package is inappropriate then  its worth
listing and I guess this is the fedora way.

and if the maintainer or reviewer won't show those to his little
daughter then it worth being listed

I don't demand more than that.

BTW: we have specific definitions for those terms but as I said I
don't want to impose our definitions and values into fedora, our
standards are so high that if something is bad according to any
definition then it's bad for us :-)
no I mean inspecting a list of tens of packages would be much simpler
than inspecting all the tens of thousands of packages

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