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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

On 05/29/2009 08:03 AM, Muayyad AlSadi wrote:
> as I said I don't want you to tag them I want you to limit the list
> for me from more than 10,000 package which increases at arbitrary time
> to tens of packages on a wiki that I can //watch// (a feature of the wiki)
> and regarding to your examples provided that they are already accepted in fedora
> <<EOQ
> In some places a game with people firing at other people with red blood
> coming out and all is considered strongly violent, but firing at aliens
> with abstract shapes that have green blood not so much, for others
> firing at anything is considered violent, what definition do you use ?
> it's not important what is my definition
> the important thing is to have a place for those who care to look at
> and decide, yes different people will have different definitions so
> what ? if a package is placed in that wiki page this does not mean
> it's tagged banned or whatever
> it means that it might be inappropriate for some poeple
> it's the job for those who care to check this list and take their own
> subset from it according to their own definition.
Well... If you're going to argue along those lines then I'd also argue
that it's up to those who care about restricting the package set to
maintain the list.  Because having package maintainers identify what
might potentially be offensive to people in cultures widely removed from
themselves and adding them to a non-binding, out-of-spec file list on
the wiki is going to break down on so many levels.

If you want better tools to help the people who care about different
sorts of offensive content maintain and generate such a list, we have
something to talk about.  But having "add something to a wiki list"
become a Packaging Guideline is something I'll vote against.  We're
trying to move things like this (for instance, the retired package list)
off of the wiki, not add more to it.


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