F-12 regression: new HAL completely breaks Palm-synching

Alex Lancaster alexl at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Nov 15 05:52:09 UTC 2009

Hi there,

Unfortunately the new HAL on F-12 removed the handling for ACLs
(apparently this is now done by udev >= 145), but this now has the
side-effect of removing the fdi files that were being used for Palm
devices, resulting in breaking of all Palm functionality in Fedora, as
detailed here:


My question is, as a neophyte wrt udev/hal internal logic, where should
this logic correctly reside?  The appropriate functionality appears to
have moved to the udev package as implied by the changelog entry in hal:

* Wed Jul 22 2009 David Zeuthen <davidz> -  0.5.12-26.20090226git.4
- Disable ConsoleKit+PolicyKit support and lock down most interfaces
  with at_console
- Disable ACL management, this is now handled by udev >= 145 

but it doesn't appear to be there at least with respect to Palm devices.
At one point we actually had the logic in the pilot-link package, but we
removed it when it was upstreamed in hal, now it's moved again. :(

I have only just upgraded to F-12, and apparently the main pilot-link
owner (I'm just a co-maintainer) has not had a chance to test this on
F-12 otherwise it would have been caught earlier in the release cycle.

This is a fairly major regression for the user experience of any Palm
user (yes there are still many of us!) on F-12, so I would like to get
it fixed ASAP (at the very least for a 0-day or 1-day update if

If necessary I'm happy re-enable it in pilot-link only (if that's
possible) until upstream is ready to push an update, but I'd like to
know fairly soon so that I don't conflict on a possible udev/hal update
that does the same thing.


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