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Re: PPC/PPC64 disabled in Koji for dist-f13

On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 11:10:51AM -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
>Jeff Garzik (jgarzik pobox com) said: 
>> But you're dodging the larger point -- Fedora has, de facto, demoted
>> big endian support in its entirety to a second-hand effort, rather
>> than distributed the workload much more widely.  Given M package
>> maintainers and N secondary-platform volunteers, it is clear M > N
>> by orders of magnitude.
>Sure, but it's not like M, in a sizeable percentage of cases, is particularly
>useful in this regard.
>In any case:
>- ppc has no one looking at the actual bugs in any case. LiveCDs have
>  been broken on PPC for *years*, for example, and no one cares. Graphics
>  drivers have been broken on PPC throughout the F11 release and no one
>  cares.

Going to counter this one.

I look at bugs.  I know David look(s/ed) at bugs.  We just can't get to all of
them.  This echos your point about community, but I didn't want you to get away
with saying that nobody is trying.

LiveCDs are pretty useless because demand for them is non-existent.  So yes, it
is broken and I don't think it works even after some of the recent fixes I sent
to livecd-tools.  So yeah, no one cares on that.  I know I don't, mostly
because I'm actually busy with the other stuff.

I file bugs on graphics drivers regularly.  I know Dave A has been pretty great
about helping me get him info to fix the Radeon stuff.  I have a bug opened
against nouveau right now as well and Ben has been helpful there too (need to
get back to that.)  If you mean some other driver, then yeah maybe.  I can only
test/file bugs on hardware I have.

>that; well, I don't think Fedora necessarily should be a charity for cases
>there's no community for.

s/no/a small.  Pretending we don't exist isn't exactly kind, but I will admit
the few of us that participate are limited in time and resources.


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