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Re: KDE-SIG weekly report (40/2009)

Am Mittwoch 30 September 2009 schrieb Jaroslav Reznik:
> o future of Phonon
> * Upstream (sandsmark) recommends building/packaging phonon from qt, and
> building/packaging backends separately.
> * Mandriva developments integrating pulseaudio support (and improving
> gstreamer backend). [1]
> * We will move back to building a standalone phonon SRPM.
> * The vote for the default backend is split 3:3, needs the 7th vote from
> svahl.

Sorry for the delay. Was a bit busy and not at home.

I tend to xine as default backend for several reasons:
- It worked fine for me for several releases (and according to bugs for other 
- It is recommend by upstream.
- We won't get trouble with the amarok guys. :)
- At least on one system I have no sound with gstreamer (maybe caused by other 
issues, have to re-check that).

So I'm a bit conservative here, but +1 for xine.


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