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Re: Proposal: Python 3 in Fedora 13

On Thu, 1 Oct 2009, David Malcolm wrote:

Treating it as a new language is the intent, and I'll make every effort
to keep them separated.

In theory there wouldn't be any problems.  However if I screw up and
somehow cross the streams, I run the risk of breaking _lots_ of things;
yum is the most obvious victim in the critical path. Obviously I don't
want to do that.

I'm not volunteering to put it into F12.  I think that anyone wanting to
push it into F12 needs to sign up for a lot of testing (brainstorming
some testcases: can you still compile and build external modules with
both 2 and 3 -devel subpackages installed?  does every configure script
pick up the correct version? etc)

Now- perhaps a repo with your package in it that someone could consume on f12 would be a straightforward goal...

if you need extra space on fedorapeople.org for this - let me know.


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