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Re: Buyer Beware: A Major Change in NFS is about to happen

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 8:51 PM, Josh Boyer <jwboyer gmail com> wrote:

> How about starting now?  Our last two meetings took about 20 min combined.
> We're through the Feature process mostly, and we're entering the part of the
> development cycle that people need help with, reminders for, planning, etc.
> I actually agree with some of what John said.  I had a discussion with
> someone earlier today that echoed many of those sentiments.

+1. I've been sorta lax in this area, due to a whole bunch of things,
a large one of which is $DAYJOB, which keeps me *quite* busy.
However, for the original topic of this thread, I 100% agree that we
should have noticed that NFSv4 mounts weren't the default and pestered
Steve about that.  This is a Big Thing(TM) that someone with the
visibility that we have into the feature process should have noticed,
since that was the entire point of the feature!

At $DAYJOB I get to harp on the proactive vs. reactive bit.  I think
it's about the same that we do the same, where we can, in Fedora as

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