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Re: Proposal: Python 3 in Fedora 13

Taking a step back to look at a broader picture,
what is determined here might be helpful when migrating
other packages such as :

java2 ( or whatever Sunacle calls it officially )

Although none of those are as central to the operation
of Fedora as python, they all will suffer migration pains,
and likely will require some type of parallel install
of old and new versions, as well as migration of
requires and provides. perl 6 is in F12 as I recall,
under a pseudonym.

Keeping python2 around ( and perl5, etc. ) named that way
and not moving to compat-python2 or compat-perl5 may not
be a bad thing. Using compat-* as a naming convention does
signal " don't use this unless you have to " however is it
really required ? I know, it may be too early to think about
when python2 moves to a compat-* status, but as slowly as the
migration to python3 is going, there may be a need for
parallel installs of python2, python3, and python4.
I know, ick, but possible.

It might be best to keep the major version number as part
of the package name(s) permanent.

Charles Dostale

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