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Re: Switching to Native Upstart Scripts?

Jeffrey Ollie (jeff ocjtech us) said: 
> I was wondering what the consensus on switching to native Upstart
> scripts (/etc/event.d/*) vs. keeping the "traditional" SysV init
> scripts (/etc/rc.d/init.d) for daemons was?  I was looking at
> switching Asterisk over and have an Upstart script that seems to work
> fairly well.  I would be making the change for F-13...

1) Likely for F-13 we're moving to upstart 0.6.x. This will likely
require changes (if nothing else, to the script location), so you're
best holding off until after then.

2) We currently have no mechanism for the following:

- not starting services automatically that happen to have jobs installed
  (i.e., chkconfig <service> off)
- enforcing dependencies between SysV and upstart scripts  - if a package
  that provides a service that a SysV service depends on (via LSB headers)
  changes to an upstart script, things go wrong.


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