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Re: Proposal: Python 3 in Fedora 13

On 10/02/2009 02:28 PM, Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:

> Since yum is available during build, this would work (but is fugly):
> - build as normal
> - push out python2 files to buildroot
> - after everything else is done, yum remove python-devel && yum
> install python3-devel
> - build python3 modules

There used to be locking issues with running from inside of the spec.
Don't know if that still applies.  We may also be denying network access
to processes running inside of the buildroot.  (AFAIK, the buildroot is
constructed from outside.  Then we chroot into it and run the build).

Even if those aren't problems, we're probably better off going with the
traditional, build once, move build files to a new location, build a
second time.  install both sets of built files route.

(For instance, vim-minimal and vim-enhanced)


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