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Fedora 12 Beta Release Rescheduled to 2009-10-20


At the Release Engineering meeting today
it was noted that we still do not have a beta RC composed because a few blocker bugs remain.

The decision was made to move the Fedora 12 Beta Release date to 2009-10-20 instead of its scheduled date of 2009-10-13 (one week from Tuesday). The original intention was also to move the final release date of Fedora 12 to 2009-11-17, but that decision has been deferred until Thursday while the Infrastructure team researches some issues related to an upcoming data center move.

The next meeting to determine the final release date for Fedora 12 will be this Thursday, 2009-10-08 at 18:00 UTC (2 PM EDT) in #fedora-meeting. After that meeting all of the detailed Fedora 12 team schedules will be fully updated to reflect the plan of record.

REMINDER: we are in and will remain in FINAL FREEZE for Fedora 12. This is not a new opportunity for more time to continue development work or squeeze more bug fixes into Fedora 12. A new branch is already open where this work can continue for Fedora 13.


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