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PolicyKitOne or consolehelper for command line tool ?


I am a user of the 'usb_modeswitch'[1] tool which is also available as a Fedora package.

Since this is a tool to be run as super-user but currently does not error out or warn when it is not invoked by root. I thought that i'd file a bug against the package to prompt for root password.

I had a general idea that the general way to do this was by using consolehelper/userhelper. So, i decided to do some research and submit a bug report with a recommended solution, but i came across this:


So, here are my questions
a. Does this also apply for CLI tools such as usb_modeswitch ?

b. If not, shouldn't that be explicitly stated in the BZ/wiki page ?

c. If yes, is there a doc where I can learn more about PolicyKitOne ? I admit, i really don't know much about the PolicyKit framework itself, but little that i know, had me believing that PolicyKit is more of a Gnome (or rather a freedesktop thing). In any case, an introduction/doc of the /current/ state of PolicyKit too would help.

- steve

[1] http://www.draisberghof.de/usb_modeswitch/
random non tech spiel: http://lonetwin.blogspot.com/
tech randomness: http://lonehacks.blogspot.com/
what i'm stumbling into: http://lonetwin.stumbleupon.com/

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