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[Test-Announce] 2009-10-08 - Fedora Test Day - RAID

Greetings folks,

This week features another test day focused on the installer.  The topic
is all things RAID.  The anaconda-devel team has asked for help testing
software RAID, BIOS RAID and hardware RAID.  While this is specific to
installation, I certainly welcome testing using mdadm tools on already
installed systems or even general live image testing.

Included in the 14 bugs found during last weeks installer test day were
3 additions to the F12Beta blocker list [1].  Thanks again to all who
participated.  I hope we can give similar attention to RAID this week.
If you have support for BIOS or hardware RAID, please do stop by on irc.
Your help is needed!

The fun starts this this Thursday, October 8 2009 in #fedora-test-day on
irc.freenode.net.  If you'd like to get started early, a live image is
already available along with a list of recommended test scenarios.  

Stay tuned for more details at



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