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Re: How about releasing an update of xorg-x11-drv-intel for Fedora 11

On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 10:54:54AM +0100, Terry Barnaby wrote:
>>> It would be good to have a Linux system that could actually to 3D with the
>>> major applications by the end of 2009 !
>> Fortunately, F-12 is scheduled for release by then!
>> josh
> Are you confident that F12 will make 3D usable under Linux on the majority of
> mainstream graphics cards ?
> Due to the range of graphics hardware and the differences between them, I would
> have thought that a significant amount of user testing and bug fixing 
> would need to be done to achieve this. I tried the F12 ATI graphics 

It is.  Which is why we encourage people to test rawhide and Alpha and Beta

> testing day and although a good idea the 3D tests were very limited and 
> due to the amount of effort a user has to put in I guess limited in 
> scope. Although people, myself included, feed back bugs upstream into the 
> freedesktop GIT repository I would have thought that a larger audience 
> was required ...

A large tester base is needed, yes.

> I would have thought that more people would be likely to try out the graphics
> updates if it is easy for them to install on their running systems and 
> use in their normal usage patterns rather than have to maintain a 
> separate test system
> just to test and feed back issues ...

Except that is a major undertaking, and honestly I think it's not what we
should push onto users that are on a stable release.  Development happens
in rawhide.

> It seems that the Fedora short release lifetime makes this sort of 
> testing/bug fixing for X11 refinement harder.
> Anyway I guess this is obviously a trade off between user/testers and 
> developers time :)

Yes, and it's also about trying to consolidate as much of the testing effort
as we can.


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