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Development packages for Thunderbird/Sunbird

Dear Fedora developers!

I am the developer of blueZync (see http://bluezync.kaarposoft.dk/)
which is based on OpenSync (see http://www.opensync.org/).

blueZync can synchronize Thunderbird/Sunbird with a mobile phone
(and many other peers).

I would like blueZync to work on Fedora too
(currently developing on Debian and Ubuntu).

However, to compile blueZync, development packages for
thunderbird and sunbird are needed
(i.e. header files, idl files etc).

As far as I can see, not such -devel packages are available
for Fedora 11 or 12.

Can anybody guide me as to how to kindly request such
packages for Fedora?

I have looked at
but since I am not a Fedora maintainer,
it seems I cannot add my wish here...

Thanks in advance for any help...


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