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Re: thunderbird upgrade - wtf?

 There are several issues being discussed here.

 Thunderbird itself and what upstream are doing:
   (i) In my view smart folders are silly most of the time.
       Comixing different accounts is a really bad idea.

   (ii) GLODA = the global indexing nonsense is beyond silly

      This is not just indexing each account - its accross ALL accounts.
      Especially when you note that it will only index things that TB
has a local copy of in mbox format - and TB switched to make local
copies of everything by default.

      This is a solution looking for a problem - its also a problematic
solution for most, with runaway indexing, 90% CPU, eating GiB of space
etc. A good example of a runaway idea.

   I run a local imap server precisely to be independent of mail client.
Having duplicate copies of everything in mbox format (ug) .... and GiB
of index .. ug.

 Upgrade Process:
     I believe we should be picking up the newer versions - in fact
moving to 3.0pre and 3.0 final. TB has quirks, but overall things are
improving. We still have evo too ..

    That all said - both the above changes are simple to turn off - and
as Rahul said, prolly shoulda been off by default in our version.

    In this case there is an easy way to make things smooth. In other
cases there may not be

    For such cases we can:

       a) Not update
       b) Update
       c) Install as alternative for those who want it.

   (c) is a nice possible option if something is invasive yet of interest.


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