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Re: thunderbird upgrade - wtf?

Le Dim 11 octobre 2009 16:48, Mail Lists a écrit :

>       This is not just indexing each account - its accross ALL accounts.
>       Especially when you note that it will only index things that TB
> has a local copy of in mbox format - and TB switched to make local
> copies of everything by default.

It is nice to see that the “reborn” Mozilla mail client still thinks in terms
of pop3+mbox. This is sooo typical of the FLOSS desktop: avoid hard issues
(such as thinking in maildir+imap, actually writing a ldap backend for gconf,
taking the time to think about non-laptop systems), and pile up demo-quality
bling (that no one will use because it's not robust enough for real life)

There are three schools of design: the latin
flashy-but-will-be-broken-in-a-week, the German
just-enough-minimalist-rock-solid-workhorse, and the worst
insufficient-minimalist-will-be-broken-in-a-month (people that think Germans
like black, and release gadgets in brittle plastic, when Germans like solid
plastic, which is usually black). Unfortunately our desktop people never seem
to choose option 2.

Nicolas Mailhot

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