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Re: Howto handle multilib conflict?

I received the following from upstream.  Anyone know the answer to the 
question (how do freetype-config, etc workaround this issue?)

In article <200910092117 36851 ndbecker2 gmail com>, Neal Becker 
<ndbecker2 gmail com> writes:

> I maintain libotf for Fedora.

Thank you very much for that work!

> We have received a bug report of a multilib 
> conflict, which occurs when installing development packages for both i586 
> x86_64.  The problem is /usr/bin/libotf-config, which occurs in both 
> but is not identical.

> My solution is to remove this file.  I'm hoping it's not really needed.   
> libotf already has package-config support (which is multilib compatible 
> already), so if all apps use package-config there should be no problem.

> Are there any apps that need /usr/bin/libotf-config to your knowledge?

As far as I know, there's none.  So, it's ok to remove
libotf-config.  But, why does libotf-config don't work with
multilib?  How do the other XXX-config programs
(e.g. freetype-config, fribidi-config, gtk-config, ...) work
with multilib?

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