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Re: thunderbird upgrade - wtf?

On 10/14/2009 01:13 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> If maintainers choose to include a beta release, then it would have been
>> better to collect more feedback for a longer period of time for updates.
> I already answered this in more detail on your blog, but:
> 1. It's a security update, so a short testing period is normal.

That really depends on the severity of the update vs the potential to
cause problems.  Remember the d-bus security update that caused so many
problems not so long ago? That one was a security update as well.


The update neither details what the security issues or nor does it tell
what other changes have been made. Not even a link to the upstream
release notes. So let's look at that


Hmmm. Not much details on what the security issue being fixed is. The
only mention of security is about some SSL change


So I have no idea how severe the security problem was

> 2. It reached +3 karma and got automatically queued for stable.

Are you claiming that there is no way for maintainers to determine how
long the update stays in updates-testing repository? If not, I don't see
this point as relevant.

>>  My mails to this list is my "negative karma".
> But it's too late, the update already got pushed.

It isn't too late to push another update that fixes the problem.


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