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Re: thunderbird upgrade - wtf?

On 10/13/2009 09:56 AM, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> Not everyone had issues with the indexing so that seemed to slip past
> testing.  It was a change, but didn't seem to disrupt things, so we let
> it slide.
Not to pile on, believe me I know painful change is... 8-) but... 

This new indexing is the biggest pain of all the changes IMHO...
My laptop CPU start to and continues to be pegged when I start up and
shut down TB3b... I could not read mail for 24hrs due to TPB3 trying
to indexing all my mail... Granted I have a ton of mail, in large number
of folders...  but my CPU became pegged, TPB3 start to eat all the memory,
causing everything to be swapped out, which caused the system to finally hang!! 
This was happen continuously. So I figured the only way to get by this was to 
delete mail... Which became a race between me deleting mail and TB3b try 
to index that folder...  I have a feeling that scenario was not tested 
too well... ;-) 

So for you to say indexing "didn't seem to disrupt things" is simply 
inaccurate... It was a major disruption and a complete waste of time... 


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