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Re: thunderbird upgrade - wtf?

Rahul Sundaram <sundaram <at> fedoraproject.org> writes:

> > problems was known then reversing the release was not really an option.
> Why not? The maintainer says it is a option and it is definitely
> feasible to release a update that disables these couple of features by
> default rather than make everybody go through the same problems. I don't
> understand your view point at all.  Changelog or even testing notes is
> useful to guide testers into checking for problems but once the problems
> are evident, we should just address them directly. Only a tiny fraction
> of our users will read such notes and it is not reasonable to expect
> them to continue to suffer.

Yes if it is an option to release a new package update that will have smart
folders and GLODA turned off then great - however I presume that the significant
majority of F11 users will already have updated and therefore already have been
hit by the change - so have either gone through the pain and reset their
parameters by now or dumped TB in favour of another mail client.  Therefore the
gain of a new update will (to me) seem not provide much in the way of help now
that the damage (of the beta4) has already been done.

I guess that 3.0pre is not far away, and perhaps in this next update the smart
folders and GLODA can be off by default.  I must admit that I would also like to
see the normal icons unchanged on the top taskbar in TB - I simply re-instated
what I want, but I would have preferred that the update did not take them away
in the first place.  Again I have made the changes necessary to get 3.0b4
working nicely (there are some residual bugs though - like occasionally the
compose window gets its formatting slightly awry and won't send and restarting
TB then fixes it)

Anyway hopefully this event will inform how the next update gets planned so that
it does not upset as many people next time?

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