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Re: thunderbird upgrade - wtf?

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Jesse Keating wrote:

> On Wed, 2009-10-14 at 09:27 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> >
> > The problem isn't GLODA and smart folders, it's that we have no process in
> > place to identify and deal with problems like this before it's too late.
> Aside from updates-testing you mean, where people can test potential
> updates and give feedback as to how they work on their systems?

To me it seems very clear that at least some significant portion of our
users want the new thunderbird.  But it should not have been pushed on to
everyone.  I can't imagine someone like steved who keeps all of their
email forever... but instead of knowing what happened like steved did,
now has no idea why their computer has just stopped working.  What do you
think their opinion of Fedora is right now?

Feodra 11 should not have shipped with a beta but the previous stable
version.  The beta should have been in it's on repo where it could have
been maintained and updated outside of the main tree.  Like an
experimental repo.  Not a repo to see if it works and 3 people can speak
for everyone and have it pushed.  But a repo on it's own where we all
acknowledge it's buggy but that's ok because it's not enabled by default.
Stability for all, a little blood for those that acknowledge they can
handle it.


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