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Re: Updates-testing

On 14/10/09 16:49, Mike McGrath wrote:
I've suggested this very thing in a F-A-B thread this week.  We,
packagers, have no way to fix a mistake and very few things preventing us
from making them:


I love this!

I would say having "an" experimental repo wouldn't be as good as having per-app repos: for me, there are apps I care about and want to test, and others I use infrequently and couldn't contribute much to. However, if on the other hand there was some way of marking out which packages I wanted to pull from experimental (or updates-testing for that matter), then well and good.

I think experimental is needed, though. Some apps really need longer baking before getting into Fedora proper: Tbird 3 for me is an excellent example, although probably for the maintainer one which is much more obvious in hindsight.

The change in mission makes a huge amount of sense (being usable, if not bug-free, has to be a top priority in my mind).

For my money, a great proposal though, thanks.


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