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Re: Updates-testing

On 14/10/09 16:47, Seth Vidal wrote:
yum downgrade pkgname

it works fine for the simple-ish cases.

If that works, then gravy. I can't admit to having tried it in the past - although, I'm not really a yum user, I use packagekit, and indeed pk whines at me to turn off the legacy software when I run yum ;) Ideally, for me, this would be something pk can trigger (and maybe give me a way of contributing to the testing karma at the same time - that would rock).

Personally, though, I would think that if that is a feature we're advertising then it should be policy that either a. package maintainers strive to ensure their packages are mainly downgradable (certainly within a stable release) or b. the packages are marked as "don't downgrade me" and yum/whatever issues the appropriate expletive when you try to do that.

I would say again that any package update which cannot be downgraded would be one I would think hard about releasing into a stable Fedora.



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