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Re: Are packages w/o necessary kernel modules allowed?

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 06:31:03PM +0200, Felix Kaechele wrote:

> From the opposite POV:
> Why should we make peoples' lives harder getting the tools they need?  
> Example: Somebody without the DAHDI Kernel Modules would probably not  
> try to use the DAHDI Tools since he probably won't even know what it's  
> good for. However It makes things easier for the people who do know what  
> DAHDI is to have tools to use their DAHDI hardware (they compiled/got  
> the Kernel modules for) just a yum install away.

IMHO having both in RPMFusion with a proper dependency is the easiest
way to install it. Having some package with a missing kernel module
dependency in Fedora would only make it more complicated for other
repositories that provide the kernel module and can therefore provide a
package with a unbroken dependency.


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