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bodhi changes

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 07:33:45PM -0400, Luke Macken wrote:
>> Before we go working on the karma system - is it doable to add some 
>> fields so we can denote critical path pkgs?
>> If I know there is a place for the data, I can get you quick code to  
>> produce the list given any set of pkgs as soon as tomorrow. Hell, It is  
>> already written, iirc.
>> It seems like critpath is more important in bodhi than karma, to me.
>Yeah, I agree critpath is more important at the moment.
>So we have a few options for where to throw this data.
> - We could add a new field to the bodhi Package SQLObject model
>   This will entail DB schema changes.  I've never altered bodhi's
>   model below our DB before, but I think we could maybe just run an
>   ALTER TABLE, and be all set.  I'll have to test this first.  bodhi
>   v2.0 will use SQLAlchemy, so we'll have much better schema migration
>   tools to use.
> - The quick and dirty solution would be to generate the critpath list
>   and stuff it in bodhi's config file (like we do with packages that
>   require a reboot).  Or, if it's quick to generate,
>   we could do it on startup.  I'm not sure how large the list is so
>   we'll have to see.
> - We could also have a flag in the pkgdb for critpath packages, which
>   would be simple to query.  It feels like the pkgdb should know about
>   critpath packages.
>There are probably some other ways too, but once I see the code to
>generate I'm sure I can figure out how to get bodhi to use it.

I think this would be really beneficial to No-Frozen-Rawhide as well, so that
we could make Bodhi wait for a rel-eng/QA signoff on critpath packages before
allowing them to be promoted during the devel cycle.

Extending that to updates-testing -> updates transition in released versions
would be bonus as well.


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