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Re: thunderbird upgrade - wtf?

Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net> writes:

> And that's a people problem more than a process problem.  If nobody
> tests it in updates-testing, then how is the maintainer to know that it
> is problematic?  Certainly not solvable with even more repos for testing
> content...

I ran updates-testing for a while, but it didn't result in me writing
any bug reports. I wasn't particularly aware of whether a package came
from updates-testing, so that it was worth spending a little bit of
energy testing that particular package.

Would it be possible to make a little application which pops up on login
or every day (whichever comes first) saying "These applications are new
in updates-testing, would you like to help testing one?". Then you could
pick one and give it a try, and perhaps a few days later there would be
a pop up asking how it went?

Strictly opt-in, of course.


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